Indonesian Traditional Games : Egrang


EGRANG or stilts is a traditional plaything 2 rods made of bamboo which has pedestal bottom. This game is not foreign, though in different regions in the know with the name that is different. today already difficult to find, either in the village or in the city, stilts game has been around since time immemorial and is a game that requires skill and balance the body.

Stilts game is very unique because it takes skill and balance to your body when to ride, so not everyone both adults and children can play stilts. Stilts form adapted to the wearer according to the wearer’s age, when the play was the Adult then making the long and high, while for children the shape and size, too short.

Stilts are made of bamboo rods with a length of approximately 2.5 meters. approximately 50 cm from the bottom, made a beachhead flat feet with a width of approximately 20 cm.

Stilts games can be categorized as children’s games. In general, this game was done by boys aged 7-13 years. Number of players 2-6 people.

egrang 3

The stilts game does not need a place (field) that specifically. It can be played anywhere, as long as on the ground. So, be on the beach, in the field or on the road. Tilako vast arena game is just along 7-15 meters and a width of about 3-4 meters.

The equipment used was a brick two bamboo sticks relatively straight and old with each length between 1.5-3 meters. How to make are as follows. At first bamboo is cut into two parts each of length about 2 ½ -3 feet. After that, another bamboo cut again into two parts with each measure about 20-30 cm to be used as a footrest. Furthermore, one segment of a length of bamboo hollowed bamboo insert sized for short. After a footrest attached to bamboo, bamboo is then ready for use.

egrang 2

Cultural values ​​inherent in the game stilts are: hard work, perseverance, and sportsmanship. The value of hard work reflected the spirit of the players are trying to be able to defeat his opponent. Ductility values ​​reflected in the creation of a tool that is used to run that require tenacity and perseverance to be balanced and easy to use for running. And, the value of sportsmanship is reflected not only the attitude of the players who do not cheat during the game, but also willing to accept defeat gracefully

to more know about EGRANG, you can visit this link

Surabaya, 4 Mei 2015


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